Mariana Faria

Forms of portugal Art

FADO, architecture and everything you haven't heard about
My name is Mariana Faria. I'm from Oporto, Portugal. In this topic I'm going to talk about the Art in Portugal
Portugal may not seem a very interesting country, but it has wonderful things - one of them is art. Art can come in every shape or form and that's what this article about.
Portugal is a country full of art and has unique ways of showing it.
1. Portuguese tile
Portuguese tile consists of a junction of tiles forming a painting of a landscape for example. Each tile is like a puzzle piece all white with drawings painted in blue.

Portugal has a railway station called "São Bento Railway Station" where you can see the portuguese tile in a larger scale. This station has every wall decorated with tiles and the view is astonishing! Sometimes the meaning behind the tiles can be the story of an important event in portuguese history.
2. Architecture
The second form of art is architecture. Portugal is the second best country in Europe in terms of architecture.

It's full of castles, forts, monasteries, convents and other very old buildings built around the sixteenth century.
These historical buildings contain motifs allouding to the time of the portuguese discoveries, such as imitations of ropes, nets, navigation instruments, etc.
Palácio Nacional da Pena
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
Convento de Cristo
The last form of art that I'll talk about is "fado"
Fado is a portuguese musical style usually sung by on person and accompanied by a classical guitar and a portuguese five string guitar.
In Lisbon you can visit bars and fado houses to listen various beautiful songs. It appeared in the second half of the nineteenth century. Scientists suppose that 2 saurses influenced on appearance of this type of music:
1) Portugal dance "fofa" + Brazil "lundu" + African "fandango"
2) Portugal literature and poetry (Quatrain and Modinha)

The singer of fado "fate" usually sings about hard and harsh reality, everyday routine with hope of changes.

This style of music represents Portugal as a country full of ancient and valuable traditions that's why in 2011 it was considered by UNESCO as a cultural and immaterial heritage of humanity.

Although Portugal doesn't have famous paintings or sculptures like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, it has other art forms that had their impact on society. Some foreign cities have adopted unique features of portuguese architecture in construction of their buildings. Many of these countries are former portuguese colonies such as Brazil. The portuguese sidewalk is spread all over the world, which shows the influence that Portugal has in other countries.

To sum up, Portugal is full of art and we can see the influence that portuguese art has in many countries.
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